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“Amateur boxing in schools is growing. Boxing encourages discipline, integration and respect, can help combat obesity and promotes anti-bullying messages, which works for pupils. I know – it worked for me”

- Amir Khan, Olympic silver medallist


 Boxing training itself has many benefits both physical and mental, even if you have no intention of actually boxing.  The focus, dicipline, and respect for authority required are valuable tools for life in general – getting and staying fit increases energy levels, concentration, and boosts general self confidence.


Who is the coach?

Boxing for Schools

Your coach, Amo Sharma, runs the successful Loughborough Boxing Club.  With over 20 years of experience in boxing, 10 of those training people of all ages, you can be confident in a quality programme tailored to the needs of each individual student.

Amo is FULLY CRB CLEARED AND A MEMBER OF THE ABA, and currently available to provide  classes at your school or young persons facility.


Get your students on the path to a healthier future today!


Key benefits

  • Improved concentration and focus

  • Develops self-dicipline

  • Promotes respect for authority and those around you

  • A SAFE and NON-CONTACT METHOD of improving fitness and attitude

  • Provides a healthy and controlled release of aggression.

  • Ongoing and structured programmes for schools and young offenders.

  • No requirement to fight.

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Opportunity to progress if desired